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Die Sozialdemokratie von Yytuskia
The Social Democracy of Yytuskia

Flag of Yytuskia
Motto: Stärke, Sicherheit, Wille und Toleranz
Strength, Safety, Will, and Tolerance
Anthem: Glorious Union [1]
Capital Hauptstadt Mühle
Largest Essen-Rostov
Recognised national languages
Ethnic groups (2024 CE)
Demonym Yytuskian
Government Constituional Monarchy
• Kaiser des Reiches
Kaiser von Sieghard V
• Premierführer
Mr. Eduard Schoenburg
• Vizeführer
Mr. Eugen Hasselhoff
Legislature Bicameragesetzgebung Parliament
Obereshaus des Volkes
Unterhaus des Volkes
Confederation (April 21st, 1702 CE)
• Nordgermanischen Reichsstaaten
1677 CE - 1702 CE
• Imperialen Nordgermanischen Staaten
1702 CE - 1921 CE
• Dritter Norddeutscher Staat
1921 CE - 1984 CE
• Sowjetische Sozialistische Republik Yytuskia
1989 CE - 2000 CE
• Sozialdemokratie von Yytuskien
2000 CE - Present Day
• Total
6,190,382 km2 (2,390,120 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2028 estimate
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
Currency CUD
Date format dd.mm.yyyy
Drives on the right

Yytuskia is a confederation of eleven states: Bredefort, Heerhoven-Osterzell, Laufenstätten, Marchschlag, Mannerheim, Münchensiedeln, Mitterfelden, Richtenkastel, Schärzis, Stralborn, and Wagemaar, respectively. There are also two city states: Freie Hauptstadt Mühlstadt and Wissenschaftsstaat des großen Kratergebiets. It covers roughly 6,190,382 square kilometers. It is bordered to the northwest by The Confederation of Ormata.

Technically an thalassocracy due to the large military focus on naval power, Yytuskia is primarily a large global supplier of meat-based products, as well as petroleum, thus the large navy is needed to protect the shipping routes vital to the nation, and it is one of the very few nations worldwide that still utilize battlecruisers or battleships as a viable naval weapon. The Head of State is currently Kaiser von Sieghard V who is a ceremonial figurehead that presides over both the Yytuskian Obereshaus des Volkes and Unterhaus des Volkes, as well as the Helvanic Chamber of Workers. The Premierführer is currently the leader of the Neue Zukunftspartei Eduard Schoenburg, with the Vizeführer being Eugen Hasselhoff of the same political party.

A mix of various Germanic, Danish, and Rus peoples have been recorded inhabiting the region since before 0 CE, with a pseudo-state recorded as being formed as early as 100 - 150 CE. During the period of (Insert Lore-Friendly Event Here) in 1450 CE, the large influx of more prominent Germanic-speaking people forced a fissure between the Rus and Germanic tribes, eventually culminating in the creation of the Elbian Rus Kingdom in 1478 CE. In 1640 CE the Germanic tribes merged with the Danish tribes, creating the Königreich der Nordpassage around the southern peninsula of the continent, the Königreich Saul in the interior, and the Nachfolger der Alten Territorium. When confederation occurred in 1702 CE, the Kingdom joined the other city-states to form the Imperialen Nordgermanischen Staaten.

1922 saw the rise of the Norddeutscher Reich which was built upon a dictatorship that lasted through the Great War, the Thirteen Year War against Helvana and Kuhlfros, and several turbulent times, before falling in 1989 to both socialist and democratic revolution. 1990 to 2000 saw a sweep of communist, then democratic, reforms across the country, before the Northern Confederation joined both Helvana and Yytuskia into one economic state.

With roughly 163,810,220 citizens, is one of the largest nation in the northern Arctic. Yytuskia is a co-founding member of the Nördliche Konföderation, a member of the Maritime League, and the founding member of the Arktischer Luftraum und Wasserüberwachung. Known for its rich and militarised culture, and its high annual education budget, Yytuskia has been continuously the home of influential and successful artists, philosophers, musicians, sportspeople, entrepenuers, scientists, engineers, and inventors.


1300 CE - 1500 CE

1500 CE - 1700 CE

1700 CE - 1900 CE

Confederation (1702 CE)

1900 CE - 2000 CE

Norddeutscher Reich (1922 CE)

Dreizehnjähriger Krieg (1942 CE - 1955 CE)

Civil War (1984 CE - 1989 CE)

Sowjetische Sozialistische Republik (1989 CE - 2000 CE)

2000 CE - 2030 CE

Mills Plan (2000, 1st June)

Attempt on Premierfuhrer Overnotch (2018, 12th March)

2025 Parlimentary Elections (2025, 1st June)

Yytu-Talion Conflict (2025 CE - 2029 CE)





Reichkommissirat Capital Notes
The Worker's Republic of Helvana Moskva The Worker's Republic of Helvana, or more simply Helvana, used to be a major player against the Yytuskian state until the 1990s when the Communist Party took over. With two decades of better relationships after 2000 CE, the two states decided to try a social experiment in 2020, creating the Unilaterales Konföderationskommissariat Bill von 2020, merging the two into a single powerhouse. Stil its own state with a ruling government, both the Helvanic and the Yytuskian governments work tightly alongside each other to strengthen their position on the world stage.
Re-Unified States of Talion Bexworth A month after the end of the Yytuskian-Talion Conflict in 2029, the Western Talion State was left in shambles from the extensive air/navy/land campaigns conducted by the Yytuskia/Helvana coalition against the fascist regime there. The new democracy under President Magnus Schottenstein quickly applied for help from the fledgeling Northern Confederation for economic aid; in return, the government would agree to a capitulation clause that was omitted from the first round of peace treaty INSERT talks in late 2029. Talion officially joined the Northern Confederation on June 1st, 2030, and is overseen by Yytuskian Chancellor of West Talion Hans Horstmann, as per the capitulation agreement.


Foreign Relations

Nation State of Affairs Notes Embassy
Ormata Flag.png Ormata – Confederation of Ormata
Strong historical and ideological relations. Strong military ties, with a close culture and aim for improvements diplomatically between states.
Palmflag (1).png Palmeria - Federal Republic of Palmeria
Strong historical relations. Decent military ties. Persue strong economical trades and protection of international waterways. Have been involved together in joint weaponry projects, as well as scientific projects.

Table for Classification

Type Code
Openly Hostile - At War or soon to be at War. Possibly involves invasions, bombing, naval blockades, etc.
Tense - Diplomatic situation deteriorating. Possibly involves border restrictions.
N/A (Neutral)
Good - Trade relations, military purchases, or lend-lease deals exist between nations.
Allies - Strong trade relations, technological trade, or mutual defense treaties exist between nations.



Infrastructure Projects

  • Project Safehouse: During the later days of paranoia in the Reich, the government feared the possibility of nuclear war between Urcea and Caphiria and began Project Safehouse in 1978. The plan was to build nuclear bunkers underneath cities for the civilian population to hide in case of nuclear Armageddon. Only one bunker - strategically placed under the Reichschancellory in Muhlstadt - was completed before the revolution. In 2010, the democratic government of Premierfuhrer Alekzander Overnotch restarted the program amidst another Cold War between Urcea and Caphiria, and today has roughly 200 bunkers completed across both urban and rural Yytuskia and Helvana. Currently costing upwards of 450 billion $CUD, with roughly 150 more bunkers planned for 2030 - 2060.
  • Plan A-39: Highway extension project to connect and upgrade existing highways and railways into Ormata; construction commenced in 2029, slated for completion in 2032 - 2033.


Major Companies

Automobile Manufacturing


Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Popel Luftfahrt PoL Date Founder NOTES Street
City, Province
Wulf-Tiergarten Air Design Wt Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
SEGAK SEGAK Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
Oehlenschläger AG Oeh Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
Köppen Flugzeugbau AG Köp Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province


Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Fizz Soda Company Fizz December 13th, 1928 Alexander Hopf NOTES Street
City, Province
Allgemeine Landwirtschaft Vereinigtes ALV February 21st, 1900 Otto Kaulbach NOTES Street
City, Province
Schulburg Abfuller Brewing LTD. SAB July 1st, Niko Schulburg NOTES Street
City, Province

Consumer Electronics

Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Bayern Elektronik BE Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province

Consumer Goods


Information Technology


Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Graf Marine-Entwurf GME Date Founder NOTES Street
City, Province
Lief-Designunternehmen LDu Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
Ula Naval Yard Ula Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
Nicolas Shipbuilding Co. Nic Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province


Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Titen-Motor Industries TMI Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province

Weapons Manufacturing

Company Company Letters Founding Date Founder Notes Headquarters Government or Private
Rottenmanner und Borsig RoB April 27th, 1901 Johannes Rottenmanner, Julius Borsig NOTES 114th Ost Gletchstiknsburg, 15th Strausse
Gletchstiknsburg, Stralborn
Schiffer Werksgesellschaft SW January 15th, 1891 Rolf Schiffer NOTES Street
City, Province
Tannenberger Co. TB Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province
Hive Ltd. Ula Date Founder Notes Street
City, Province




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Order of the Ancients







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