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Veloargentim Industria
Quicksilver Industries, Inc.
The corporate logo of Quicksilver Industries
Company Classification Publicly Traded Company (QSI)
Industries Conglomerate (multi-industry)
Founded April 2, 1911
Founded By Alexandus Venio Sr.
Key People Alexandus Venio II
(Chairman, President & CEO)
Revenue $320 Billion
Assets $155 Billion
Market Capitalization $4.5 Trillion
Website www.QuicksilverGlobal.com

Quicksilver Industries is a Caphiravian multinational conglomerate with holdings in global defense,security, arms manufacturing, advanced weaponry, research and development and provides other logistics and operations support, as well as numerous non-military fields such as real estate, financial services, software development, vehicle manufacturing and more. It is the largest publicly traded company by market capitalization, largest publicly traded company by annual revenue, largest publicly traded company by total workforce, and is the single largest defense contractor in Caphiria.

Quicksilver Industries operates in four main sectors: Arms Manufacturing, Security System Operations, Defense Solutions, and its R&D sector, Quicksilver-X. Each sector may contain multiple subsidiaries and companies, a notable example being Shockwave Industrial, which is Quicksilver's primary Arms Manufacturing company. Recently, a holding company was created called Quicksilver Corporation, which represents the company's holdings and interests in a wide and diverse range of companies that aren't necessarily a part of the "core" company.

Quicksilver Industries has--in addition to its own domestic operations-- dozens of international operations, varying from simple manufacturing plants to extensive extra-governmental contracts. It operates as its own Private military company that has since gone on to become a "military without borders", carrying out contracts to the highest bidder regardless of political ties.

The current CEO is Alexandus Venio II, who has been leading the company since he took it over from his father and his father before him who founded it over a century and a half ago.



Alexandus Venio Sr. founded Quicksilver Industries as Venio Security Enterprises almost a hundred and fifty years ago, leveraging his skills from participating in a multitude smaller roles at various manufacturing plants and not being satisfied with how they were being run, decided to create his own company that offered "a much better and rich service for half of the exorbitant rates" and within the first ten years managed to land national clients as well as eventually be offered numerous acquisition bids, quickly growing into one of the top 10 largest companies by profit.


Eventually, the company became large enough to become eligible to go public. Venio Sr. hired one of Caphiria's oldest legal companies to oversee the IPO, and suggested they consider a merger with a splinter of the largest Caphiravian Arms Manufacturing company, V.W. Reda who had previously offered to pay a hefty sum over $55 billion in order to facilitate the merger.


Arms Manufacturing

Defense Solutions

Security System Operations


Quicksilver Corporation

Contracts and Operations

Quicksilver Industries maintains numerous contracts spanning the aerospace, defense, security, and technologies industry. Quicksilver Industries makes the bulk of its revenue in what is called Contracts and Operations.

Contracts typically revolve around the arms industry: manufacturing and selling weapons and military technology and equipment, as well as research and development, engineering, production, and the servicing of military material, equipment, and facilities. Contracts are almost always awarded by governments and military agencies though there has been a growing trend in the market for privatised military corporations.

Quicksilver Industries maintains Contracts with the following nations:

33% of total global revenue ($105 billion) accounts for long-term contracts with domestic and international governments, agencies, and militaries. Of that, 15% ($15.7 billion) accounts for local contracts with the Caphiravian Armed Forces, making it the largest defense contractor of the Imperium. General contracts with the Imperium make up 10% ($10.5 billion), with 6% ($6.3 billion) going towards foreign government contracts and 2% ($2.1 billion) accounting for commercial and other contracts.

Operations revolve around Quicksilver Industries acting as a private military corporation, providing integrated security, mission support and risk management services to corporate, government and non-profit clients. QSI owns and operates the Quicksilver Training center (QSTC), a training facility located on 7,000 acres, comprised of several ranges, indoor, outdoor, urban reproductions, a man-made lake, and two driving tracks. QSTC offers tactics and weapons training to military, government, and law enforcement agencies. QSTC also offers several open-enrollment courses periodically throughout the year, from hand to hand combat (executive course) to precision rifle marksmanship. They also offer courses in tactical and off-road driving. Unlike Quicksilver Contracts, any public or private institution that meets the prerequisites​ may hire out QSI.

Corporate governance

Board of directors

The board of directors consists of 14 members:


Quicksilver Industries is also notable for its attention to detail when it comes to architecture and industrial design; their headquarters in New Roma has won a handful of awards for Best Designed Office (2011-2014) and Breathtaking Design (2014). It's notable for its "all-inclusiveness" that contains a living complex, retail shopping centers and amenities for the public, while carefully guarding off the private laboratories and offices.

File:QSI Complex.jpg
The Quicksilver Industries Headquarters Complex

The massive 62,000 square mile complex is a multi-functional center that includes all the essentials for a high-quality and healthy urban existence for locals, workers and visitors, successfully answering the demands of a contemporary, quality lifestyle. Green characterises three blocks containing apartments, retail space, a kindergarten and social services. Residents will enjoy diagonally shaped spaces, green roof-scapes with cascading balconies, integrated garden courtyards, and overlook playing fields. Hanging plant-filled facades are articulated according to building orientation. Rising above a sport ‘podium’ are three towers of varying heights with Olympic themed metallic facades of gold, silver and bronze. Each is tapered to maximize sunlight, views and ventilation. Offices, apartments, a medical and research centre, sports education facilities, a sports hotel and a shopping mall, encircle a green piazza.

File:QSI overall.jpg
The Complex from a distance

The QSI Complex is often referred to as "The SQUARE³" from employees and consumers alike, for its three main buildings and three "principles" of life, nature and sport. In addition to their beautiful headquarters, QS Industries maintains its attention to detail across every building from its futurist Research & Development laboratories to its minimalist manufacturing plants and everything in between.