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Our great delegate Ultmar and vice delegate Kron have broken the Heku dominance of the main page, feel free to suggest new feature articles!

IxWiki Announcements

  • The category for infoboxes is ready, check here first before you ask for import!
  • If you see spam content, please notify our administrators
  • If you find a bug, notify the administration team
  • The Standards and Conventions page has recently been created. Please review before submitting articles or editing.
  • Anyone with a suspicious username (eg 'Hjzc871x6x') will be deleted on-the-spot. This is due to vandalism concerns. Please make sure that when you sign up, you have an appropriate username, preferably your NS nation.

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  • The Ormati Civil War begins after a breakdown of Ormati-Helvianiran relations and Coscivian Sea crisis.

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