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Vespia (Vespian: Vespian V.svgVespian E.svgVespian S.svgVespian K.svgVespian O.svgVespian Y.svgVespian A.svg, Veskoya), officially known as the Godrealm of Vespia, the Empire of Tears (Vespian: Vespian X.svgVespian A.svgVespian U.svgVespian Apostrophe.svgVespian M.svgVespian A.svgVespian R.svg  Vespian N.svgVespian O.svgVespian Dash.svgVespian V.svgVespian E.svgVespian S.svgVespian K.svgVespian O.svgVespian Y.svgVespian A.svgVespian N.svgVespian O.svg  Vespian T.svgVespian A.svgVespian Z.svgVespian E.svgVespian N.svgVespian O.svg  Vespian V.svgVespian O.svgVespian Y.svgVespian A.svgVespian S.svgVespian O.svgVespian N.svgVespian O.svg, Xâu'Mâr No-Veskoyâno Tâzeno Voyâšono), is a sovereign state located in northern Punth. Vespia is a theocratic absolute monarchy, with its seat of power located in the capital city of Zanza. The government exercises its authority over twelve zharukdoms, all of which are under the direct control of the Vespian imperial government. The official language of Vespia is Vespian. The nation has a total land area of 7,931,165 km2 (3,062,240 sq mi), making it the largest sovereign state in Ixnay. Furthermore, Vespia also had a population of some 752.1 million people as of 2030, making it one of the most populous nations in the world. The capital city, Zanza, is the largest city and metropolis in Vespia, and the largest urban center in Punth. Vespia boasts the world's oldest continuously reigning and unbroken monarchical dynasty, with the Imperial Family of Vespia having ruled for some nearly four thousand years in all, with different branches of the imperial family overthrowing the previous ruling branch of the household.

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Talion War

The Talion War is an ongoing conflict involving Yytuskia and the Talion. The conflict started on the 13th of June, 2027 after Talion forces launched a preemptive strike against the Yytuskian nuclear power plant in Ostenfelden, Mannerheim, before attacking the Yytuskian - Talion border. (Read more)
13 sep Adolph Panzeker (54), former Kronatan President
30 apr Placeholder (40), Placeholder
30 apr Placeholder (81), Placeholder
29 apr Placeholder (93), Placeholder
29 apr Placeholder (77), Placeholder
In the News
22 jul Mjölnir United wins the FFA Eredivisie
Mjölnir United has won the FFA Eredivisie, the top-tier league in Helvianir in a 7-1 match against FC Swaertesee
10 sep CUDA holds conference on Lithuania Crisis
The national leaders of the CUDA member states are engaged in an emergency conference to determine what course to take in the Lithuania Crisis.
jan 04
May in history
1426 War of Viking Succession
May 7, the start of the War of Viking Succession between Burgundie and Helvianir.
1794 Doppel Gangway
May 18, Doppel Gangway founded in Burgundie.
2007 O'Shea Shipping Company
May 18, O'Shea Shipping Company merges with Quicksilver Industries becoming O’Shea Container Shipping