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The team logo of the Albatrosses

NordHalle Albatrosses

The NordHalle Albatrosses are a hockey team in the Levantian Hockey League (LHL), based in NordHalle, Burgundie. They hold the record for the most cups in the LHL, having won 180 in their 888 year history. They have gone by many names, many guises in their storied history. Firstly formed as a humble band of monks from the Abbey della Cartouche, they were franchised in 1607 as the NordHalle Longshoremen. Following a demotion to the minor league for 30 years, as the Matiusvalle Saints, they renertered the LHL as the NordHalle Merchants, in 1767. In 1951, they formally adopted the unofficial mascot as their team name, the Albatrosses.

The team also has the distinction as having served their local magistrates in most major wars involving northern Levantia. Their rolls include teams who have fought in the Ixnayan Crusades, the Great Confessional War, the War of Northern Aggression, the Great Cronan War, and Operation Kipling. In true regimental style, the teams have always joined and fought as a single unit. While the Burgundian military prior to the Great Cronan War was amenable to the practice, it proved cumbersome during Operation Kipling and will likely not be allowed moving forward.

Fans of the team are called Albatroaz and are known for their penchant for violence, promiscuity, and disgust for the upper echelons of Burgundian society. The Albatross logo is a sign of working-class agitation across Burgundie.

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13 sep Adolph Panzeker (54), former Kronatan President
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22 jul Mjölnir United wins the FFA Eredivisie
Mjölnir United has won the FFA Eredivisie, the top-tier league in Helvianir in a 7-1 match against FC Swaertesee
10 sep CUDA holds conference on Lithuania Crisis
The national leaders of the CUDA member states are engaged in an emergency conference to determine what course to take in the Lithuania Crisis.
jan 04
January in history
1616 Vest Punthsk Koloni
January 1, founding of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony in Vest Punthsk Koloni
1543 Glenness
January 25, Glenness brewery founded in Burgundie
1755 Nordling Soder Punthsk Koloni
January 14, founding of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony in Nordling Soder Punthsk Koloni