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Flag of the Stewardship of Wintergen

Stewardship of Wintergen

The Stewardship of Wintergen (Kiravic: Ekþaliguv Vintergen, High Coscivian: Ecthaliocuv Vintergescuv) is the Kiravian government-in-exile of the island of Wintergen, which has operated from Valēka since the island's capture by Burgundie in 1823 AD during the Kiro-Burgundian Wars. The Kiravian Federacy funds the government-in-exile and appoints a Steward and other officials to this day in order to maintain the legitimacy of its continued claim to Wintergen, even though the island has remained securely under Burgundian administration for over two hundred years.

The government-in-exile is based at Wintergen House, a four-story stone row building at 12 Wintergen Lane on Tanðurin Island in Valēka, Kiygrava. Wintergen House is technically extraterritorial to Kiygrava and subject to the laws of Wintergen, and although it does not pay Kiygravan payroll or property taxes, it does pay Valēka municipal service fees and accepts the jurisdiction of the local police and courts for all practical purposes. The Stewardship also owns the Wintergen Memorial Cemetery in Béyasar, which contains the graves of 12 of the 1822 expellees from the island and a small monument to its capture. Wintergen owns the land in fee simple and does not claim jurisdiction over it.

In addition to the Steward, Lieutenant Steward, Board of Estimate, and other constitutional officers, Wintergen employs a permanent civil service of three part-time employees, as well as a larger staff of interns and volunteers under the ægis of the non-governmental Wintergen Benevolent Society.

The government's most important activity is managing the Wintergen Permanent Fund, a sovereign wealth fund established by the federal government to help support the Wintergen refugee community. The funds assets are valued at over ◊20 million ($40 million), from which dividends are paid to Kiravian citizens holding Wintergen Refugee Status and to the government itself to support its operations.

Between 21162 and 21169, Wintergen exercised its right to maintain a state defence force composed of Wintergen Benevolent Society volunteers who conducted drills at Bay Barrier Island State Park in Niyasca twice annually. The standing army was disbanded in 21169 due to lack of interest but continues to formally exist as a ceremonial honour guard at state functions.

Wintergen issues its own licence plates and internal passports. Wintergen licence plates are used on official vehicles belonging to the Steward, Lieutenant Steward, and Prime Secretary, as well as many private vehicles belonging to descendants of Wintergen expellees who hold Wintergen Refugee Status. The registration fees for these licence plates are used to help finance the governmet-in-exile.

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Lithuania in flames

Lithuanian Crisis

The Lithuanian Crisis is an ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the detonation of nuclear weapons by the terrorist cell Zuvimas, killing 4 million people and displacing tens of millions more. (Read more)
13 sep Adolph Panzeker (54), former Kronatan President
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In the News
22 jul Mjölnir United wins the FFA Eredivisie
Mjölnir United has won the FFA Eredivisie, the top-tier league in Helvianir in a 7-1 match against FC Swaertesee
10 sep CUDA holds conference on Lithuania Crisis
The national leaders of the CUDA member states are engaged in an emergency conference to determine what course to take in the Lithuania Crisis.
jan 04
November in history
1605 Kandoora
November 19, founding of the Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony of Kandoora
1936 Djevelens Vik
November 21, Djevelens Vik (English: Devil's Cove), the Burgundian penal colony on Sodermark closes as the Burgundian people embraced "transformative justice"
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