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The Elegans Imperium of Heku is a caesaropapist constitutional republic located on the continent of Ixnay Proper. With one billion inhabitants, it is one of the world's largest countries, boasting one of the top three economies as well.

The leader of Heku is Imperator Alexander Constantinus I, who is a member of the Panther Noble House. His reign as Imperator has brought economic growth and a global foreign policy but under Constantinus' leadership, Heku has seen its share of struggles. Most recently, the Imperator sat down with Urcean King Riordan VIII to discuss matters involving...

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  • The Ormati Civil War begins after a breakdown of Ormati-Helvianiran relations and Coscivian Sea crisis.
  • Latium Crisis continues to degenerate as protests across the Confederation of Latin States escalate to violence.

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