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This article lists all known companies organized by their Industrial Category.


This list includes all companies associated with agricultural practice, such as ranching of animals and farming of crops.

Name Nation Industry Type
Vereinigung von Kaffeebauern Kronata Coffee Public
VL Gesellschaft Kronata General Agriculture Public
Greater Alania Institute for the Biological Sciences Kistan Biological Engineering Public
Pescinovo Pons Ferrata Sweetwater Fishing Industry Public
Kiravian Dairy Board Kiravia Dairy Products Distribution Coöperative


This list includes all companies associated with financial practice, including banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, holding companies, and financial advice firms.

Name Nation Industry Type
Hans und Klaus Banking Kronata Banking Public
Mauslochversicherung Kronata Insurance Public
Kreitzer Financial Services Burgundie Investing, Banking and Insurance Public
O'Shea International Services Burgundie Foreign Investing Public
Christensen Holdings Burgundie Investing, Lending, Real Estate Public
Roth Insurance LLC Burgundie Insurance Public
Alterion Group Kiravia Investment Banking Public
Bank of Valēka Kiravia Banking Public
Ecuniversa International Kiravia Property Insurance Public
Vertigon Group Kiravia Holding Company Private
Bank of Kintyre Kiravia Investment Banking State-owned


This list includes all companies associated with manufacturing, including automotive, defense contracting, construction, and steel working.

Name Nation Industry Type
Okastein Fabrikation Kronata Industrial Manufacturing, Defense Manufacturing Public
Klarer Quarz Kronata Small Arms Manufacturing Public
Braunner Aerospace Kronata Aerospace Public
Cross Trucking Company Burgundie Automotive Public
Doppel Gangway Burgundie Shipwright Public
Lansing Lines Burgundie Shipwright Public
O’Shea Container Shipping Burgundie Shipwright Public
O'Shea Heavy Industrial Systems Burgundie Industrial Manufacturing Public
O'Shea Infrastructure and Design Burgundie Construction Public
Lansing-Mitchell Weaponeering Burgundie Small Arms Manufacturing Public, State-owned
Spetsford Shipyards United Kistan Shipwright Public
Erasia National Munitions Kistan Military Supplies/Small Arms Manufacturing State-owned
Hydrus Arms Kistan Small Arms Manufacturing Public
Ladvner Construction Kistan Construction Public
Madrat Motor Design Kistan Automotive Public
Gothic Manufacturing Guild Kistan Industrial Manufacturing Public
Sverd Industries Kistan Aeronautic Manufacturing Public, State-owned
Vrixtur Æronautic SAK Kiravia Aerospace Public
Targēvran Corporation Kiravia Manufacturing Public
Iribisun Industries Kiravia Manufacturing Public

Mineral Extraction

This list includes all companies associated with mineral extraction, including oil & gas, coal, uranium, and stone.

Name Nation Industry Type
Pfleugzeug Petroleum Kronata Oil & Gas Public
Bundeskohle Kronata Coal Public, State-owned
ÁLO Dókáreum Kiravia Oil & Gas Public
Kûperspar SAK Kiravia Rare Earth Metals Public


This list includes all companies associated with providing services, such as retailers, restaurant corporations, law firms, and hospitality services.

Name Nation Industry Type
Wilhelmsohn Kronata Retail Public
Kleine Wurst Kronata Fast-food Public
Beacon Business Continuity and Incident Management Burgundie Emergency Management and Business Continuity Public
Burgundie International Health Network Burgundie Healthcare Public
Glaskow Refrigerated Storage Burgundie Logistics and Storage Public
Perfect Storm Emergency Response Corps Burgundie Emergency Management and Emergency Response Public
Saeger University Corporatation Burgundie Education Public
Saeger Vineyards Burgundie Alcoholic Beverages Public
Viknour Office Supplies Burgundie Office Supplies Public
Glenness Burgundie Alcoholic Beverages Public
O'Shea Operation Management Services Burgundie Operations Management Public
Maritime Response Group Burgundie Armed Maritime Protection and Response Public
Imperial Beverage Pauldustllah Beverages Public
Alquifer Incorporated Kirav Alcoholic Beverages Public


This list includes all companies associated with transportation, including airliner, railway, postal & parcel, and trucking.

Name Nation Industry Type
Seaborne Corporation Kiravia Shipping Private
Nationaler Schienenverkehr Kronata Railway State-owned
Südkronner Atemwege Kronata Airline Public
Burgundian North Levantine Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgundian South Levantine Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgundian West Punth Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
Burgundian Grand Crona Trading Company Burgundie Logistics Public
O’Shea Container Shipping Burgundie Logistics Public


This list includes all companies associated with providing utilities, including sewage, waste disposal, electricity, water, and telecommunications.

Name Nation Industry Type
FTKG Kronata Telecommunications, Internet Service State-owned
Kronnen Kern Kronata Electricity State-owned