Kirav national football team

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Great Kirav
Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s) Drunks
Association Pan-Kiravian Soccer Promotion Association
Confederation LFA (Levantia)
Head coach Yves LeBœuf Burgundie flag.png
Captain Séan Ó Ruairc
Home stadium Pitchblende Park, Béyasar
First colours
Second colours

The Kiravian National Football Team (Coscivian: Kiravix Térnafosuv Sókkersk) represents the Kiravian Federacy (except for the Sydona Islands) at the international level of association football. Affectionately nicknamed "the Lumpers" for their consistently disappointing performance, the Kiravian national team is usually a non-factor in international tournaments despite representing one of Ixnay's wealthiest and most populous nations.

Due to the limited popularity of association football in Kiravia - where it is overshadowed by Kiravian gridiron football (fieldball), Gaelic football, hockey, sampakuv, and hurling - and a consequently shallow bench of native Kiravian footballers capable of competing at the international level, foreigners have always comprised a majority of the team's players and coaching staff. Foreign players most often hail from Pauldustllah, Insui, and Burgundie, while most Kiravian players come from a Tryhstian ethnic background. Due to the predominance of Insuians and Tryhstians, most team activities were directed in Portuguese until around 21196.