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Atrassica Territory
Skírēn Atrassika
Teal Ensign.png

Country Kiravian Federacy
Capital Fort Kenmór
Population - unknown -
Military Governor Ristarius Lattaren
Commissioner Kervanūlin Aśkavat
Legislature none
Cambrium seats 1
Official languages Coscivian
Postal Abbreviation ATA
Time Zone West Punth Time

Atrassica is an island territory of the Kiravian Federacy, located in the North Aquilonem Ocean (known in the Coscivian world as the Atrassic Ocean, from whence the colony's name is derived) off the coast of the Western Federation in northeast Punth. The island was a Kiravian protectorate home to several trading settlements during the First Wave of Punth Colonisation. After the Great Decolonisation in YEAR, Atrassica was annexed by the Western Federation after the Kiravian administration withdrew. Kiravia recaptured the island during the Second Wave of Punth Colonisation in 21208, and has since implemented an intensive economic development program involving the construction of new infrastructure and settlements, and the mass transfer of labour and human capital to the island from Great Kirav.

The native population of the island is made up of two tribal groups, the Massapíkva and Minnéola.

Colonial Administration

The island is presently under military administration, with Major General Ríothamus Lattaren as territorial governor. The Kiravian Army is responsible for providing security, maintaining public order, and for a significant portion of the territory's infrastructure projects, particularly roadbuilding. Federal civilian agencies carry out some other governmental activities in Atrassica, such as the Colonial Development Authority, which oversees economic development work, the Federal Police, which provide policing in certain designated settlement areas, and the Kiravian Forest Service, which owns and manages a great deal of the island as federally-owned forest reserves. The territory's criminal code is borrowed from that of Rovaīon, with many of its civil laws adopted from Rovaīn and Central Æonara. In the absence of a legislature, laws and ordinances for the territory are enacted by decree of the Governor and by acts of the Federal Cambrium in Kartika.

Kiravian Army Aircorps aircraft over inland Atrassica

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