Aruuhin Faith

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Aruuhin Faith
Classification Corporation-owned religion
Scripture Macridini
Great Paragon Alexan Gulazarian
Great Minister Coireall Vallas
Low Paragon Iason Grivas
Region Caphiria
Headquarters Dourran, Swaiegua
Founder Aron Gadvaiwala
Members 9.3 million
Ministers 1000

Aruuhinism (The Aruuhin Faith) is a body of beliefs and practices created by Caphiravian religious zealot Aron Gadvaiwala. Initially created from a series of "hand delivered messages from the gods" and later turned into a fully fledged organized religion, The Aruuhin Faith is only the tenth largest religion in Caphiria with an estimated membership of nine million.

Practitioners of the faith are called Aruuhinists and have been criticized for being a criminal organization, a cult, a business or one of Caphiria's largest gangs.